Course Title
Course Coordinator
SCID 121 Molecular and cellular basis for medicine (3 credits) Somana, Jamorn download
SCID 122 Laboratory in molecular and cellular basis (1 credit) Somana, Jamorn download
SCID 324 Medical Genetics (2 credits) Somana, Jamorn download
SCBC 203 Basic Biochemistry (3 credits) Tohtong, Rutaiwan download SCBC203-204_Handout (2/2562)
SCBC 204 Basic biochemistry laboratory (1 credit) Tohtong, Rutaiwan download SCBC203-204_Handout (2/2562)
SCBC 205 Physical principle in life science (2 credits) Tinikul, Ruchanok download
SCBC 206 General biochemistry (3 credits) Tinikul, Ruchanok download SCBC206 Handout (1/2562)
SCBM 251 Cell and Molecular Medicine (SIM) Khvochtchev, Mikhail download SCBM251 Handout (1/2562)
SCBM 281 Medical Biochemistry (3 credits) Somana, Jamorn download SCBM281 Handout (1/2562)
SCBM 282 Medical Biochemistry Laboratory (1 credit) Somana, Jamorn download SCBM282 Handout (1/2562)