Gene Regulation and Metabolic Science


     Biological systems are dependent upon a complex array of interactions between various metabolic pathways in the cells. Dysregulation of some key enzymes leading to the impairment of certain pathways can lead to metabolic disturbance or diseases. We are a very well-established group of modern metabolism. Our research group on metabolic biochemistry has been focusing on the studies of the enzymes involved in glucose, lipid and xenobiotic metabolisms. We employ novel state-of-the-art molecular approaches including basic protein biochemistry, cell biology, cell-based assay, reporter gene analysis, DNA-protein interaction assay, siRNA, quantitative real time PCR to investigate the regulation of these important metabolic enzymes at the cellular and molecular levels. The specific projects ongoing within this group are
1. Regulation of gluconeogenic and lipogenic enzyme gene expression
(Prof. Sarawut Jitrapakdee)
2. Regulation of cytochrome P450 gene expression in mosquitoes
(Assoc. Prof. Pornpimol Rongnoparut)
3. Cellular response to defects in mitochondrial iron response
(Assoc. Prof. Laran T. Jensen)