BC SP Seminar
Ornchuma Itsathitphaisarn
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Sakonwan Kuhaudomlarp

Congratulations: FAOBMB Young Scientist Award 2021, Dr. Sakonwan Kuhaudomlarp

Congratulations Dr. Sakonwan Kuhaudomlarp on receiving FAOBMB Young Scientist Award 2021 >>more information ...
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Waraporn Komyod

BC Faculty Seminar: November 3, 2021

BC Faculty Seminar "Anti-cancer activity of asiatic acid against nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells" by Dr. Waraporn Komyod Department of Biochemistry, Faculty ...
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Research Highlights

Ruchanok Tinikul

Detection of cellular metabolites by redox enzymatic cascades

        The measurement of cellular metabolites is crucial for medical applications as specific biomarkers can serve as disease indicators, while the ...
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Ruchanok Tinikul

QM/MM molecular modeling reveals mechanism insights into flavin peroxide formation in bacterial luciferase

        Bacterial luciferase (Lux) catalyzes light-emitting reactions, and the enzyme has long been used as a sensitive detection tool in biomedical, ...
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